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My first blog!!

April 09, 2020

After 9 years since the start of Suite Works, I've finally decided to start a blog. Mostly because I wanted this to be like a diary of Suite Works, and also I'd like you to know what you are purchasing since I make most of the items, therefore you are actually buying a little piece of me. 

Today is 9 April, 2020, we are still in the midst of the outbreak and all of our lives have changed drastically. In spite of this, I'm amazed by the efficiency of the Hong Kongers (from having no mask production company to having more than 10 in just a couple of months!!) and how we've all come together to support each other and fight this in unity 💖.  So yes, we will overcome this. Yes, our lives will go back to normal. Yes, we will see our friends and family again. And yes our children will go back to school so us mommies will regain our mommy time in a not long future 💪.

mommy time
My nocturnal son Darius begging me to play Mario Kart with him at 10:48pm.